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 Unique process  of Headshot Photography not offered by other photographers.

Stand out with our personalized 1-hour session, which includes preparation, photography, on-the-spot retouching, and prompt delivery of your high-quality photos.

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Experience the difference with Palo Alto Headshots – showcasing your unique personality and professional stature through professional and tailored headshot photography.

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Our 1-hour session includes preparation, photography, on-the-spot retouching, and prompt delivery of high-quality photos. You will receive your headshot(s) at the end of your session, a unique service not offered by other photographers. Your package includes high resolution, low resolutions, square crop for LinkedIn, and a size headshot for your Eras application.

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Get ahead in your residency program with a professional headshots from Palo Alto Headshots.

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Professional Headshot

male photo for residency application

Headshot for medical residency

Headshots for Medical Residency applications are crucial for your career. It is a determining factor for the evaluation team of doctors. Your professional headshot could give you an edge over other applicants with similar qualifications and work experience. Choose Palo Alto Headshots for your portrait.  professional portrait.

Eras Photo

female headshot with blue background

Eras profile photo

The maximum image file size accepted by Eras for your application is 100 to 150 KB, with a photograph no larger than 2.5 by 3.5 inches in size. We will provide you with a retouched photo meeting these specifications for easy uploading, ensuring you can confidently submit your professional headshot to Eras.

Personalized Service

male residency headshot with suit and tie

Medical residency headshot

We specialize in meeting your residency headshot needs by offering various backgrounds. Hagop will capture 20-30 shots, and assists you in selecting the perfect pose. He will then provide subtle touch-ups ensuring same day delivery of your final images

Eras Photographer

female residency headshot

Confident residency Eras headshot

We understand the importance of capturing your unique expression. Our goal is to showcase your confidence, intelligence, and approachability through our professional photography services. With our same-day delivery, you will receive your photos instantly via email, download, or transfer, eliminating any waiting time.

Eras Profile Photo

a formal male residency headshot with

Residency headshot session

At Palo Alto Headshots, we specialize in providing exceptional residency headshots that will elevate your professional image as a doctor. Your residency headshot holds significant importance for your future, we approach it with the utmost care and professionalism.

Medical Residency

photo for medical residency

Experienced headshot photographer

With a strong background in headshot photography for residency programs, we offer top-quality photography and exceptional customer service at a reasonable price. Contact us for detailed information and pricing, and receive your professional headshot(s) promptly at the end of your session.

Palo Alto Headshots

female residency headshot

Quality headshot

With over 30 years of experience in residency headshot photography, Palo Alto Headshots stands out from other photographers. Our expertise allows us to work efficiently, handling the technical aspects such as lighting, background, posing, and professional cropping to the correct size with precision and skill.

Headshot Photographer

eras professional headshot

Studio headshot

We’ll discuss your medical specialty and how you want to be portrayed in your residency photo. Whether aiming for a friendly look in pediatrics or a knowledgeable appearance in neurosurgery, projecting confidence and expertise is key. Our goal is for you to confidently submit your standout headshot to Eras.

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Reasonable Pricing

Looking for professional headshots that showcase your individuality? We provide top-notch quality and meticulous attention to detail, going above and beyond expectations. We recognize the significance of making a lasting impression.


Watch Hagop at Palo Alto Headshots expertly retouch your headshots to perfection, with your final photos delivered straight to your inbox at the end of your session. Experience a level of service unmatched by other photographers.

Palo Alto Studio

Trust Palo Alto Headshots for exceptional quality and attention to detail that captures your unique personality, ensuring a great first impression that exceeds expectations.

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