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Redwood City Headshot Photography

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Make a great first impression.

Redwood City Headshot Photography

Redwood City Headshots is a service we provide for professionals, startups & companies in Redwood City, the Bay Area and the Silicon Valley.

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Casual CEO Headshot

Studio Headshots

Our Studio is located in Palo Alto. We work by appointment only. Feel free to Contact Us to set up your headshot session.

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Casual Headshot

casual female startup headshot

Casual startup headshot.

Show Personality

With 30 years of experience we create casual headshots that reflect your personality and the vibrant culture of Silicon Valley. Whether you’re an innovative startup or an established company, our unique process ensures that your headshots showcase the essence of your team members. Trust us to deliver professional, confident and approachable headshots that make a lasting impression.

Company Team

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Attorney headshot.

Team Headshots

Team headshots for a company or a startup’s website are often a visual introduction to the executive team, leadership, employees, partners etc… Therefore, for branding purposes, companies looking to hire an experienced headshot photographer is important.

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What Makes A Good Headshot?

Confident, Energetic & Approachable

If you look at our Portfolio Page you will notice my clients look confident, energetic and approachable. Certainly to make a good impression your headshot should reflect these attributes. With over 30 years of experience in headshot photography, I have developed techniques to bring out your personality. 


Undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of your headshot session is that you have trust in your photographer. Before starting your headshot session, we will have a brief consultation to discuss the purpose of your headshot. Also, I will explain what I will be working on during the session. The goal is together we can create a headshot that will make a good first impression. 

Team Headshots In Redwood City

In Redwood City, we provide headshot photography for startups and companies. See a short list below:


Reach Credit Union


Tanner Pacific


Fidelity Brokers


Start Up Grind Redwood City


Betteromics, NetSpring and Oracle

A Yelp Review

We like to share a Yelp review from a Redwood client who needed a professional Headshot.

I called Palo Alto Headshots when I was in a pinch and needed headshots urgently. Luckily for me, he was able to fit me in on the same day.

I arrived shortly after, and after some pleasantries, Hagop and Ano began the process by exploring my needs – asking questions about my work, my role and my style. After that, they explained their process very clearly and how the next couple of hours was going to flow.

Firstly, we selected a background, then took some ‘warm up’ shots. After reviewing them, we got down to it, and took lots of headshots. After that, we went through each picture. Probably what I appreciated most was a professional’s eye for detail. He was able to point out that ‘this picture projects more confidence’ or ‘this picture is more approachable’. They were subtle details that the untrained eye would not see.

After we had selected a couple of shots to keep, he touched them up with me, to make sure I was happy with his (minor) tweaks.

I thought they were really reasonably priced. (Working from a home studio, they avoid the overhead of an expensive studio rental.)

All in all, I was extremely happy with the experience, and would highly recommend Palo Alto Headshot.

Tony B. Redwood City, CA

Quality Headshots At A Reasonable Price

To book your headshot session and check on availability call us (650) 690-2092 or Email Us

Quality Headshots At A Reasonable Price

We provide headshot photography for more than 50 startups and companies as well as countless professionals in Palo Alto, The Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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