Professional Headshots

 Unique process  of Headshot Photography not offered by other photographers

Retouching is done with you present. You will receive your photos at the end of your session. Read More…

First Impression

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Make a strong first impression

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Experts say, people make a decision about you by looking at your headshot for less than 2 seconds. Subsequently in this short amount of time, you have to prove that you are a qualified professional. In short, your headshot is many times the first impression for a potential client, job interview or speaking engagement. A strong headshot on your LinkedIn profile, résumé or website can make a big difference for you.

Personality & Strengths

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Show personality and energy

One of the most important aspects of your professional headshot is that it must look like you. Therefore, what I strive to achieve with each of my clients is to take the most flattering photo that conveys your personality. Additionally, your photo must shows your strengths and professionalism in a relaxing environment. It is very important for me to know your vision. How you want to be portrayed is one of the things we discuss prior to taking any photos.

Branding Headshots

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Executive branding headshots

Branding headshots are the set of headshots that completes your personal marketing materials. Therefore, after we discuss your goals, my job as your headshot photographer is to create a set of photos. Some clients are satisfied with studio headshots whereas other want on-location portraits at their office or place of work. We offer many packages that will complete your branding.

Your Headshot Session

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You will receive your headshots at the end of your session

The headshot session begins with us going over what you want to achieve during your session. Then we will choose the background that fits your needs. Depending on how many looks you want to receive, you can bring different outfits. During the shoot, we may take some breaks to view your photos. Generally, this gives us the opportunity to review and make adjustments on the spot.

Read my blog: Experienced Headshot Photographer.


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Retouching is done with you present so I have your input

I personally retouch your portrait with you present so I have your input. My years of print, negative retouching and Photoshop proficiency gives me the experience to efficiently retouch your photo. For this reason, I will never farm out your headshot to another party for retouching. When we finish the retouching almost everyone comments, “That’s amazing, can you retouch me like that in real life?”  Above all, my retouching work is very subtle, keeping in mind that you should look like yourself.  Read how to Prepare For Your Headshot on our parent website Hagop’s Photography.

Team Headshots

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Team headshot for company website

Team headshots for a company’s website are often a visual introduction to the executive team, leadership, employees, partners etc… Team headshots can be at our studio or on-location. No company is too small or too big for us. See the Review below from a marketing director of a corporation we work with. We offer different options to suit your company’s needs. Accordingly, we can set up a studio at your office with a background. Comparatively, some companies want their office environment as a background. I have over 25 years of experience and knowledge to work in any environment. Learn more on our Team Headshots page.

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We provide headshot photography for more than 50 startups and companies in Palo Alto, The Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Review Company Headshots

Company Headshots

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Hagop and Ano for a little over 4 years now professionally, and I couldn’t express in words how much positive change came about by bringing them on for my company’s photography work. They turn around work promptly and are very communicative. They work with you to ensure that you and your team have the most positive experience they can have. As many know, having your photograph taken, especially a head shot, can be less than comfortable and they have a way to help ease that experience. In the rare case there is feedback, they are open to listening and adjusting to ensure that we keep providing a positive experience. I look forward to the days that I get to work with them and I have more and more team members signing up for their portrait sessions.

Anisha Sampat


“Provided Photos Instantly”

Hagop is an amazing photographer to work with. I’m someone who is not very comfortable with pictures but he first ensured I’m super comfortable. He took sometime to understand my personality and work background and then shared some tips with me for the right shot.

Right after the session, he sat down with me to shortlist the best ones, retouched them and provided them instantly. Thanks again for the great service!

Kanika Sabharwal

“My Headshot Is Amazing”

“They are professional and very helpful. My headshot is amazing and I will definitely recommend Palo Alto Headshots to my friends!”

Emma Zhang

“Incredibly Talented”

Incredibly talented and just overall nice people. I am extremely happy with this head shot.

Emma Zhang

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