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 Unique process  of Headshot Photography not offered by other photographers

Capture Your Best Self with Palo Alto Headshots

Experience the difference with Palo Alto Headshots – showcasing your unique personality and professional stature through professional and tailored headshot photography.

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Retouching is done with you present. You will receive your photos at the end of your session. Not offered by other photographers.

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Your Headshot Session

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You will receive your headshots at the end of your session

Get your perfect headshot at Palo Alto Headshots. Discuss your goals, select a suitable background, and have your portrait retouched to enhance your unique self. With years of experience in print and Photoshop, I skillfully make subtle improvements while maintaining your true likeness. Your satisfaction is my top priority, and there is no outsourcing.

First Impression

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Make a strong first impression

A strong headshot on your LinkedIn profile, résumé, or website can make a significant impact. It is your first impression for potential clients, job interviews, or speaking engagements. Place your trust in Palo Alto Headshots to capture your professional headshot with expertise.

Personality & Strengths

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Show personality and energy

At Palo Alto Headshots, we capture your true professionally. Together, we’ll create a flattering photo that showcases your strengths and professionalism in a relaxed environment. Your vision is crucial, and we’ll discuss how you want to be portrayed before the session begins.

Branding Headshots

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Executive branding headshots

Branding headshots are crucial for your personal marketing. As your headshot photographer, I will create a set of photos tailored to your goals. Choose between studio headshots or on-location portraits at your office. 

Client Testimonials

” I cannot endorse Hagop and Ano strongly enough!! They are so kind and patient, and I could tell they really wanted to make sure I got the best possible headshot and was thrilled with it. Ano would fix my hair and blot off oil between shots, while Hagop directed the photos and changed lights around to make it perfect. At the end, we went through the photos together to choose the best one, and did some gentle photoshopping together. Their 40-year input and expertise was so helpful, and I felt like I had input without being overwhelmed by too many choices. Really such a lovely experience.”

Celeste, Mountain View, CA

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This was our second time using Palo Alto Headshots to do the headshots for our firm. He’s very easy to work with, professional, and does impeccable work. I would highly recommend him.

Harrison, San Jose, CA

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Reasonable Pricing

Looking for professional headshots that showcase your individuality? Palo Alto Headshots provides top-notch quality and meticulous attention to detail, going above and beyond expectations. We recognize the significance of making a lasting impression.


Watch Hagop at Palo Alto Headshots expertly retouch your headshots to perfection, with your final photos delivered straight to your inbox at the end of your session. Experience a level of service unmatched by other photographers.

Palo Alto Studio

Trust Palo Alto Headshots for exceptional quality and attention to detail that captures your unique personality, ensuring a great first impression that exceeds expectations.

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We provide headshot photography for more than 50 startups and companies as well as countless professionals in Palo Alto, The Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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