Outdoor Headshots

Outdoor Headshot 

stanford headshot taken on location

On location headshot

Individual Outdoor Headshots

Occasionally, we receive requests for outdoor headshot photography. We normally schedule these shoots in the late afternoon. Because late afternoon is when the light is nice and soft, it is the best time for outdoor photography.

In Palo Alto, many clients choose to have their headshots taken at Stanford University. Sometimes they also choose Elizabeth Gamble Garden or a close by park.

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Stanford Headshots

on site outdoor male headshot

Team outdoor headshot

On Location Team Headshots

Many of our team headshot sessions are on location with a background or the office as a background. From time to time we work with companies that request outdoor headshots at their location. Normally we do a short visit to the company’s location(s) to inspect lighting and background options.

For choosing their leadership and employees headshots, we offer them different options. Some choose our option to select employees headshots during their session and for others we offer online galleries.

Executive Portrait

on location female headshot

Executive outdoor headshot

Relaxed And In Nature

Relaxed is a word I use a lot in my headshot photography. Whether indoor in our studio, on site at a company or outdoors the goal is to capture the true you. With this in mind, your expression and your body language should reflect your strengths and who you are. Equally important your headshot pose should not affect your expression. Undoubtedly working together we can create great outdoor headshots for you and your team. Read on Hagop’s Photography (our parent website) what to wear for your headshot.

Casual Headshot

outdoor full length headshot

Casual outdoor full length portrait 

Multiple Backgrounds

All things considered, outdoor portrait sessions can offer different backgrounds for your headshots. Because of this, choose and discuss your location with your photographer.

Some locations can offer more natural environment for your photos while others  may have more architectural backgrounds. Comparatively your photographer may have locations in mind to have both backgrounds.

Confident Headshot 

real estate agent outdoor headshot

Real Estate agent headshot


For outdoor headshots, I normally like to photograph with the late afternoon soft light. Unquestionably, photographs taken with harsh light are not flattering. Because it is hard to plan photoshoots for company headshots during the soft light it is best to choose a location with open shade.

If you are planning to have outdoor or on site photoshoots, discuss it with your professional photographer.

Company Headshot

female headshot taken at stanford university

Outdoor headshot  for a Stanford student


It must be remembered to consider weather conditions when plan your outdoor headshot session. As mentioned before wind and rain may make the session difficult. Given that, check the forecast before finalizing your photoshoot appointment. To illustrate, some locations in the San Francisco Bay Area can be foggy and windy.

Palo Alto Headshot

female outdoor headshot

Company employee headshot

Hair And Makeup

If you are having your hair professional done, let your stylist know your headshots session will be outdoors. Keep in mind that wind can make your hair hard to control so having some hair spray might help. In the same way let your professional makeup artist know your session is outdoors. In general light makeup works better than heavy makeup. Also, using matte makeup and not shiny is better as shiny creates reflection on your face and may need retouching.

On Site Headshots

employee outdoor headshot

Professional headshots for startups 


Our fees start at $350 for an outdoor session.

Travel fees may apply depending on the locations you choose.

To book your headshot session and check on availability call us (650) 690-2092 or Email Us

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