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Let your strongest qualities shine through a professional headshot that truly represent you.

Outdoor Headshot

stanford headshot taken on location

On location headshot

Occasionally, clients request outdoor headshot photography, with shoots typically scheduled in the late afternoon to capture the soft and flattering light. In Palo Alto, many opt for locations like Stanford University, Elizabeth Gamble Garden, or nearby parks for their headshot sessions.

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Stanford Headshots

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Team outdoor headshot

At Palo Alto Headshots, we collaborate with companies looking for outdoor headshots at their location or office for a personalized touch. We plan a brief visit prior to the shoot to assess lighting and background options at the company’s premises. We offer in-person selection and online galleries for leadership and employee headshots.

Executive Headshot

on location female headshot

Executive outdoor headshot

Relaxed and true to you, our headshot photography captures your strengths and personality, whether indoors, on location, or outdoors. Our focus is showcasing your strengths through your natural expression and body language. Let’s create great outdoor headshots for you and your team. Read on Hagop’s Photography (our parent website) what to wear for your headshot.

Casual Headshot

outdoor full length headshot

Casual outdoor headshot

Outdoor portrait sessions by Palo Alto Headshots offer a variety of backgrounds for your headshots, so it’s important to choose and discuss the location with us before the shoot. Some locations provide a natural environment for your photos, while others offer more architectural backgrounds.

Confident Headshot

real estate agent outdoor headshot

Real Estate agent headshot

When scheduling outdoor headshots with us, we recommend aiming for the late afternoon soft light to achieve the most flattering results. If timing is a challenge, consider a location with open shade. Prior to any outdoor or on-site photoshoots, be sure to discuss your plans with us for optimal outcomes.

Company Headshot

female headshot taken at stanford university

Stanford headshot

Remember to consider weather conditions when planning your outdoor headshot session with Palo Alto Headshots. Wind and rain may pose challenges, so be sure to check the forecast before finalizing your appointment, as certain locations in the San Francisco Bay Area can be foggy and windy.

Palo Alto Headshot

female outdoor headshot

Company employee headshot

If you have a session scheduled for outdoor headshots at Palo Alto Headshots, be sure to inform your hairstylist and makeup artist. Wind can make hair difficult to control, so using hairspray can help. Opt for light makeup over heavy makeup, and choose matte products over shiny ones to avoid reflections on your face that may require retouching.

On Site Headshots

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Headshot for startups

Our fees start at $350 for an outdoor session.

Travel fees may apply depending on the locations you choose.

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