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Experience the difference with Palo Alto Headshots – showcasing your unique personality and professional stature through professional and tailored headshot photography.

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Retouching is done with you present. You will receive your photos at the end of your session. Not offered by other photographers.

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Make a lasting first impression with our expert headshot photography services.

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A LinkedIn headshot is your first impression to the business world. It represents you and what you do, making it a crucial element on your profile page. A confident headshot is key to making a positive impact. Read our blog Experienced Headshot Photographer.

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A professional LinkedIn headshot is a crucial investment for today’s professional. I have the expertise to present you as knowledgeable and confident, showcasing your energy and your unique personality.

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When preparing for your headshot, consider how it will be seen by potential clients, recruiters, and business professionals. Companies often link employee photos to LinkedIn profiles to highlight professionalism, endorsements, and connections. We value the importance of a professional headshot in today’s business world.

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With over 30 years of experience in Palo Alto and the Silicon Valley, Palo Alto Headshots understands the market and how to showcase your strengths. During our consultation, we will explain how working together we can portray you as a confident and energetic individual.

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Looking for professional headshots that showcase your individuality? We provide top-notch quality and meticulous attention to detail, going above and beyond expectations. We recognize the significance of making a lasting impression.


Watch Hagop at Palo Alto Headshots expertly retouch your headshots to perfection, with your final photos delivered straight to your inbox at the end of your session. Experience a level of service unmatched by other photographers.

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Trust Palo Alto Headshots for exceptional quality and attention to detail that captures your unique personality, ensuring a great first impression that exceeds expectations.

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