Palo Alto Headshots

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Headshot Pricing

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I provide a quality service at a reasonable price.

In Our Palo Alto Studio

A studio session ranges from $185 – $400. Call or email for details. You will receive your headshot(s) at the end of the session. Same day service is available.

Save Time Booking

Email us a couple of times and dates that you would like to book your headshot session. We will check our calendar and get back to you as soon as possible.

On Location

On-location outdoors portraits starts at $350. Call or email for details.

At Your Office

For a studio set up at your office call or email for a quote. We offer different options. Depending on the type of session you choose, we may be able to provide you with your retouched professional headshots at the end of the day.

We do not hire other photographers to take your headshots, you will receive my over 30 years of experience in portrait and headshot photography. I will personally retouch your headshots.

For additional information and availability call us at: (650) 690-2092 or

email us: