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Most people will take a second or two whenfemale dating profile picture in palo alto they look at you profile picture to decide where or not to read about you or go on to the next person. Many online dating experts suggest that the first photo you show on your profile is one taken by an experienced professional photographer.

Knowing how to produce that natural looking photo is what I do. My goal with my clients is to work together to take the most flattering, naturally inviting photo in a relaxing environment.

Before we even start photography we talk about what you need, how you want to come across. The more information I have the better I know how to achieve your objective. I will explain how I achieve that natural expression that will give you what you are looking for. If something isn’t working, we try something new. 

After the shoot we will choose you best photo
together and I personally will do the retouching with you present so that I have you input as to how much or how little you like and to be sure we address your concerns. In the end we want you photo to look like the you.

My packages start at $185 depending on your needs and budget. You may also create your own package.

For more information about pricing and availability call us at: (650) 690-2092 or

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