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Business Headshots

executive business headshot

Executive headshot

Business Headshot Photography

Business professional headshots today can have different significance in the current business world. Professional business headshots are used for conference speaker profile photos, social media, company team pages, LinkedIn, About Us and Leadership website pages etc….

Professionals may need different styles of business headshots. It can be a casual, modern or more of a classic business headshot. To understand our client’s business portraits needs we ask a few questions during a short consultation we have at the beginning of your photography session. Read our blog Experienced Headshot Photographer.

casual business headshot for his website

Headshots that reflects your personality

Business Consultation

Why do you need a headshot?

How do you want to present yourself?

What is your profession and your role in your company?

Do you do business strictly in the San Francisco Bay Area and The Silicon Valley or in other states and countries?

The answer to the above questions will help me learn a bit about you and determine how to photograph your headshot and portray you as a professional. Visit our Portfolio Page.

business formal headshot

Corporate Headshot

Headshot Style

What style of a business headshot are you expecting?

After the initial consultation I explain to my clients my style of photographing business headshots to guide you and gain your trust, especially when I hear people say “I hate taking photos”.

Clients at times have a certain look and style in mind that is hard for the photographer to visualize. If you have done your research and found a certain expression, style, look, or mood that you like, share some sample photos with me. It will help me provide you with headshots that are happy with.

female casual headshot for a startup

Professional headshots for Startups 

Headshot Photographer

Unfortunately for portrait photographers there isn’t a rule in headshot photography that works for all your clients.

As a photographer you have to have the photography experience, talent and knowledge to bring out the best of your client.

The goal is to prove to the person who is looking at your professional profile photo that you are capable, knowledgeable, approachable and energetic. 

Statistics show that most people spend less than 2 seconds looking at a headshot.

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Quality Headshots At A Reasonable Price