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palo alto headshot for linkedinA while ago we received a phone call from a man who asked for pricing for a for LinkedIn headshot. I described how we work and gave him pricing. He asked if that was the best price as it was more than he wanted to spend. I explained that he could check pricing in the area and that he will find photographers that are cheaper and those that are more expensive, but the quality of work for the price we offer would be difficult to find. “Fair enough!” he said and made an appointment.

On the day of the appointment, during the consultation when we discuss what he needed and go over how we work, he said that he was looking to walk away with one professional headshot specifically for LinkedIn. By the end of the session, he had purchased 2 additional headshots with different expressions for different uses, and different profiles. He said that the process and quality was better than he had expected. He enjoyed the entire experience and especially liked being present during the retouching, seeing how Hagop works and having the option to have input into what and how much retouching is being done.

palo alto headshot for websiteAs he left he said that his wife was starting a business and that she will be calling us for photos for her website. A few months later she too came in and we did a series of branding headshots for her website and other uses.

It was a pleasure working with both of them and we were happy we could help them with their professional headshots.

To book your headshot session and check on availability call us: (650) 690-2092 or email us:

Quality Headshots At A Reasonable Price

To book your headshot session and check on availability call us (650) 690-2092 or email us:

Quality Headshots At A Reasonable Price