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Headshots before the Internet

Headshots before the internet were limited, people who would contact us to have a headshots taken were mainly actors & real estate agents. When businesses started building websites for their companies during the late 90s, in Palo Alto and the San Francisco Bay Area, real estate agents and lawyers were the first to post headshots on their websites. We started receiving more requests to photograph professional portraits at companies for their team page or employee profiles.

Digital Cameras

One of the first digital cameras that come into my mind is the  Kodak had 1.2 megapixel camera called Kodak DCS 420
with a price tag of $28,000. Of course we did not invest in that digital camera as it would be obsolete within a few months. We used our film camera to take headshots. We would have our professional lab scan the film, then we retouched the headshot and within 2 weeks from the photoshoot date deliver them to the client. Much different from the way it works now. In 1993 we bought our first digital SLR Canon D60 and started using it to take headshots on location at companies as well as our studio. Delivery of the headshots became much faster.

Facebook and LinkedIn profile headshots

In the beginning, most people were not very comfortable posting their photos online for everyone to see. Facebook and LinkedIn changed the mentality of people about having photos online. LinkedIn encouraged its members to post professional headshots on their profile page.The new generation does not have a problem posting photos online. They post their photos on many different social media platforms.

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