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 Unique process  of headshot photography not offered by other photographers.

Louvre Museum Visit

When I visited the Louvre Museum in Paris, I was amazed by the beautiful portrait paintings and of course I did not miss Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci and others..

portrait painting displayed at louvre museum

Study Of Faces

male photo

Silicon Valley headshot.

Importance of Eyes 

While at the Louvre, I marveled at the artists’ ability to capture the human face. Now, before photographing headshot clients, I carefully study their eyes, forehead, smile, and laughter. My years of experience have honed my skill in analyzing faces for portrait photography. Visit Our Portfolio.

Guide On Expression

male headshot wearing eyeglasses

Casual executive headshot.

Gain Your Clients Trust

During your headshot photography session, I guide you through the process, explaining how light enhances your features and offering direction on expressions. By the time we begin shooting, I have earned your confidence, ensuring that together we will create a standout headshot for you.


female executive headshot

Female Corporate Headshot.

Retouching With You Present

I retouch headshots with your input to ensure you get the desired level of retouching. This sets me apart from photographers who outsource the retouching process. As an expert Photoshop retoucher, I can quickly enhance your headshot. Learn more About Hagop on our parent website.

Same Day Delivery

female head shot

Female Executive Head Shot.

Take Your Headshots Home

Because I retouch your portrait with you during your photography session, your headshot is finished. I ask my clients if they are happy with their headshot and their response is always “Yes!” They had input and I addressed their concerns instantly. At the end of the session, I can email or transfer them to you.

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We provide headshot photography for more than 50 startups and companies as well as countless professionals in Palo Alto, The Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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