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portrait painting displayed at louvre museum

Louvre Museum Visit

When I visited the Louvre Museum in Paris, I was amazed by the beautiful portrait paintings and of course I did not miss Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci and others..

Study Of Faces

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Silicon Valley headshot.

Guide On Expression

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Casual executive headshot.


female executive headshot

Female Corporate Headshot.

Same Day Delivery

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Female Executive Head Shot.

Importance of Eyes 

While at the Louvre, I realized the artists must have had a wonderful mind to study the human face. Since then, when I have a headshot client, during the consultation prior to the photoshoot, I study your face. Specifically, I look at your eyes, forehead and watch how you smile and laugh. After years of experience I have become faster at analyzing faces for my portrait photography. Visit Our Portfolio.

Gain Your Clients Trust

How do I help you during your headshot photography session? Before I start taking any photographs I explain my process. I describe how the light shapes your face. I also coach you on how to smile or not depending on what type of expression we are working on. By the time I am ready to take photos, I have gained your trust. Undoubtedly, working together we can create a great headshot for you

Retouching With You Present

I retouch your headshots with you present to have your input on how much retouching you want. Besides my years of experience as a headshot photographer, this is one of the things that differentiates me from other photographers. Most photographers farm out your retouching to someone who doesn’t know you. I am an expert Photoshop retoucher, therefore in matter of minutes I am done retouching your headshot. Learn more About Hagop on our parent website.

Take Your Headshots Home

Because I retouch your portrait with you during your photography session, your headshot is finished. After retouching, I ask my clients if they are happy with their headshot. Since they were present during the entire process, the response is always, “Yes!” They had input. I listened to their concerns and addressed them instantly. Therefore, at the end of the session I can email or transfer them to you.

Client’s Comments

Here are a few comments that our clients took time to write reviews about our professional headshot photography.

“Hagop was fantastic. He goes above and beyond to capture/create the perfect shot. During the shoot, he helps you relax and show true emotion with great coaching.”

“Hagop is an exceptional photographer who exceeded our expectations and made everyone look their best at our team photo session.”

“Hagop blends his skills in lighting, composition, and editing which he then fashions into the excellent image. He understands the structure of the face and it’s important role in defining one’s humanity.”

“This man has simply amazing technology, and the understanding of how to use it to give his clients better results than they could have hoped for.”

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