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casual female headshot

Casual female headshot

Business or Casual Headshots

Some of our clients work in Palo Alto and the San Francisco Bay Area in the heart of the Silicon Valley. The requests we receive for headshot photography mention the type of headshots clients are interested in receiving. They mention professional headshot, casual headshot, business headshot, executive headshot etc… During our initial consultation with our clients “casual headshots” is a term we hear most often these days. Companies and employees in Silicon Valley have adopted a more casual approach to business.

male not so corporate headshot

Casual male half body headshot

Why Do You Need A Headshot?

I start a headshot photo session with some simple questions like: Why do you need a headshot?  What is your profession? How do you want to present yourself? The most common answers are: I need it for my LinkedIn profile. I am joining a new company and it is for the company website. For the question of how you want to present yourself, the most popular answer is the word “approachable”. I then explain to them how we will be working together to create a natural looking casual headshot. Visit our Portfolio PageContact us to schedule your headshot session.

male executive casual headshot

Casual executive male headshot


If your photographer is able to capture your personality it strengthens your headshot. On my website, I mention that a good headshot should reflect your strengths, you should look approachable, energetic and confident. When I help my client choose their headshot, I always remind them to ask themselves this question, “Would you do business with this person?” I also ask them to look at their photos objectively, from the viewpoint of someone that does not know you. You have to always Show Your Best Side. Read more Blogs.

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