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Since we started our business in 1993, it has always been important for us to be honest with our clients. I was surprised one morning when I received this email. 


Good Day!!

Do you want more business online through

your website, Google, Facebook and Instagram?


1. 20 Google Reviews $80

2. 20 Facebook page Reviews $80

3. 20 Health-grades Reviews $80

4. 20 Houzz Reviews $80

5. 2k Facebook page Likes $80

6. 10k  Instagram Followers $80

7. 10k Website Traffic/Visitor $80

We post all reviews by local profile. If you are interested, please share the page URL!



Marketing Manager”

Consequently, the email made me think about my business reviews and the reviews of my competitors. Specifically, I found it interesting when a company just starting out had more reviews than I did. All things considered, I still would never buy reviews or trade services for reviews. All in all to me, that would be like misleading my clients. Most importantly, that is not how I would like to conduct my business.

When I look at all the reviews I have acquired during my years, I remember everyone who left them. Likewise, I even remember the ones that Yelp has felt it necessary to filter out. It feel good to know that people were pleased enough with my work that they wanted to leave a review. Visit our Reviews Page.

In conclusion, thank you all for your recommendations. We appreciate your business.

Thank you all. We appreciate your business.

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Quality Headshots At A Reasonable Price

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