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Headshot Consultation

“You are the best headshot photographer” was actually a comment by a client.

With every client we photograph for a headshot, whether it is at our Palo Alto studio, at a company’s office or during a conference, we have a consultation with the person to understand how they want to be portrayed.

It also helps me gain the trust of the person who I will be photographing specially when they tell me “I hate my picture taken”.

I usually tell them “let’s create a great professional headshot for you”.

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Comment During Consultation

This story happened at our home studio. As I was explaining to my client how we do headshots, he smiled and said “You are the best headshot photographer.”

I replied“ I have not yet taken photos of you.”

His answer was very interesting to hear.

“I have had my headshot taken many times before at different companies I have worked. None of the photographers had such a consultation with me. You explained what I need to be aware of during the photoshoot and after. You are the best headshot photographer”.

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Palo Alto Headshot Photographer

Since I started photography in Palo Alto in 1993, I have learned quite a bit not only about the photography business but also about our community and the clients that walk in our door.

We live and work in a highly educated, motivated and innovative area.

We have photographed high school students on their way to college needing their first professional headshots to Nobel Prize winners, CEO of companies and startups and everything in between.

We were photographing “Branding Sessions” before they were called “Branding Sessions”. Visit our About page.

female casual headshot for a startup

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The Best Headshot Photographer

As many business owners do, I look at websites both locally and throughout the nation to see what other photographers post. Mainly to improve my photography skills and marketing. In recent years we have seen many new photographers come and go in our area hoping to make a name for themselves. I look at their websites, at the quality of their work, pricing, and the description of their photography work. My advice to these new photographers from someone who has not only worked in this community but also lives here is not to underestimate your clients and throw promises at them, unless you can deliver and exceed what you promise.

Work hard to become the Best Headshot Photographer.

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