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Male acting headshot

Get Noticed

A great acting headshot will attract casting directors to notice you and choose you to come in. To emphasize, you need to show that something unique. Consequently, your acting headshot has to open doors and catch attention. Why risk this to a friend with a good camera or even a photographer who doesn’t have experience?

Pro. Photographer

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Headshot for your acting career

Experienced Photographer

My career path has always been photography, I have done it since high school. In particular, I started my business shooting professional portraits and headshots and I am still doing it. As a result, I learned so much through the years and have honed my craft. Lighting, posing, angles, photography and retouching, basically the technical end of the headshot are what I know. Learn more about Hagop’s Photography on our parent website.


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Headshots that stand out

A Team Work

Before we even start photography we talk about what you need, how you want to come across. Especially, for acting headshots, the more information I have the better I know how to achieve your objective. Afterwards, I will explain how I achieve that natural expression that will give you what you are looking for. If something isn’t working, we try something new, it is team work.



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Make a great first impression

Retouching Is Done With You Present

I have retouched negatives, prints and now digital photos. Understanding how to achieve the correct amount of retouching while still making it look natural is important. Though your input is necessary. Retouching is done together. You and I will decide how much or how little is the correct amount of retouching. Read our Blog: Best Headshot Photographer.

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