about us hagop's headshotHagop has always been a photographer, it is not a career change. He is a full time photographer.

Photography is something he had a passion for since he was very young when his father bought him his first camera. He learned from a professional photographer friend of the family about exposure, lighting, developing film… then became the “official photographer” for his high school. He started in photojournalism and gradually developed his portrait skills.

As he matured Hagop has become an award-winning photographer. He has learned how to pose portraits but at the same time have them look natural. The contemporary portraits and professional headshots he creates for his clients bring out their personality in a comfortable and relaxed manner.

Over the 25 plus years photographing in the San Francisco Bay Area, he has photographed portraits for doctors, lawyers, students, CEO’s, authors… just about any profession you can think of. The list of companies he has photographed includes Amazon, Oracle, Johnson & Johnson, Stanford University, Microsoft, Varian Medical Systems, Adaptive Insight, Hrmrlaw, Chase Bank, K&L Gates, Absolute Mortgage Banking, Longitude Capital, IMorgon, Oncomdx, Redbird Advanced Learning to name of few.

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Palo Alto Headshots is a subsidiary of Hagop’s Photography, we are based in Palo Alto.

For pricing and availability call us at: (650) 690-2092 or

email us: paloaltoheadshots@gmail.com

More Reviews:

“I needed a new headshot for LinkedIn and other websites.  Hagop first took a “standard” lighting headshot, and I wasn’t thrilled because it looked like my other headshots: too round-faced when I smile.  He changed the lighting to accommodate my head. Magic.  The new headshot was as good as I’m realistically ever going to look.  A real pro. Why trust your image to anyone else?”

Cary R. Palo Alto

“I needed to have a professional headshot for my work.  I was looking forward to it about as much as I look forward to going to the dentist!!  Hagop made me feel so comfortable and at ease.  He listened and also gave his opinion in a kind and professional way.  My headshot turned out great!”

Karyn K. San Mateo

“Amazing photographer. I’ve worked with Hagop for a long time and he’s always been our family go to photographer. The quality of the work, professional service, and simply the fact that I’m dealing with honest and friendly people keeps me coming back. There’s nothing more important to me than knowing I can fully trust the person I’m working with. It just makes life easy.

Almost forgot to mention.. I’ve also been doing freelance graphic design for about 15 years now and learned a few new tricks in his studio. He obviously knows his way around Photoshop. Overall.. impressed!”

Paul Saba, Palo Alto

“Hagop and Ano provided me with outstanding service in creating headshots for use on the web: formal for LinkedIn and casual for Skype, Facebook, and other locations. They were relaxed and patient while I changed clothes and fussed with make-up. Hagop snapped many poses and did an outstanding job of sorting and then retouching. I was expecting to pay 3 or 4 times the price that was charged. My husband Dave and I will be back at this studio for wedding anniversary photos next summer.”

Jacky H. Palo Alto

“A very comfortable and productive session. Hagop made it easy to plan and execute my professional/business photo session. The post production was done while I waited and I knew at all times that I was in the hands of a profession. I would highly recommend!”

Kevin O’Shea, San Mateo

“Completely professional — and great results to boot. Hagop is an expert, and he works patiently with you in order to produce the best results. Are they cheap? No. Are they good? Yes, very. Here’s how I know he cares about the results: he helped me upload my profile picture to Linked In right after we’d finished. I could’ve done it later, of course, but I appreciated the result-orientation.”

Amitabh M. San Jose

“Very comfortable experience, and that statement is coming from someone who absolutely does not like having a picture taken. I wanted a professional quality headshot that did not look like a staged professional headshot. That might not make a lot of sense to you, but Hagop understood what I meant, and I was quite pleased with the results.

Highly recommended!”

D.C. San Jose

“I finally made a Yelp account so that I could give credit to Palo Alto Headshots for the great job they did! Hagop really knows what he is doing and provides a very high level of service. I really enjoyed the time working with him and was impressed by the final result. I plan on recommending Palo Alto Headshots to friends, family and colleagues!”

Nicholas F. Redwood City

“I really enjoyed the experience of my photo head shots. It was in a warm and friendly home and very knowledgeable professionals. He took many photos and we went throught them to pick the best. I would recommend this service to anyone.

Marie O’Leary, San Mateo