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With over 30 years of experience, Palo Alto Headshots continues to be the preferred choice for clients seeking the highest quality professional headshots.

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We provide headshot photography services for professionals and more than 50 startups and companies in Palo Alto and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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We are proud to announce that Hagop was honored this year by being inducted into Marqui’s Who’s Who for his accomplishments in photography and Digital Art.

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Hagop and Ano celebrating 30 years in business in Italy.

About Palo Alto Headshots Team

Professional Photographer

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Meet your photographer

Hagop’s passion for photography began when his father gave him his first camera. Learning from a professional photographer in his family, he mastered exposure, lighting, film development, and posing. Starting in photojournalism, he transitioned to perfecting portraits and now excels in digital retouching. Through seminars and classes, he has solidified his reputation as one of the most sought-after photographers in the area.

Photography Background

hagop photographing condoleezza rice

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Hagop had the honor to be chosen as the portrait photographer for the documentary film: Statecraft: The Bush 41 Team. He photographed portraits for Condoleezza Rice, Robert Gates and Stephen Hadley.

You can see him in action around 28 minutes into the film taking portraits.

Studio Manager

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Meet Ano

Ano, with a BA in Business administration from USC, brings her experience to Palo Alto Headshots. Alongside her husband, they offer quality service, blending business expertise with artistic photography. Ano now oversees daily operations.

Experienced Retoucher

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Professional retouched headshot

Hagop, a print and negative retoucher, was hired by Adobe Systems Inc® to test Photoshop tools. He also creates and sells digital artwork. Unlike other photographers, Hagop personally retouches your headshot with you present for your input. Clients love being involved in the process and are always impressed by Hagop’s expert retouching skills.

Why Choose Palo Alto Headshots?

State Of The Art Technology

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Hagop uses top quality Canon cameras and lenses to capture sharp, high-quality images. His iMac 27” with retina display ensures your photos look their best, as he regularly calibrates his monitors for optimal viewing. Hagop never use laptops to show photos due to the smaller screen size.


professional retouching software

His streamlined workflow includes utilizing four specialized software programs. One program swiftly transfers photos from the camera to the computer for immediate viewing. Another aids in browsing and selecting your preferred headshots. Lastly, two additional programs are employed for personalized retouching of your headshot while you observe the process.

Palo Alto Studio

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During the consultation before your headshot session, we choose the best background from our wide selection on our Portfolio Page. Our high-quality studio lighting equipment ensures flattering lighting tailored to your unique features. With Hagop’s expertise, personalized attention to detail is guaranteed for every client, as well as on-location headshot sessions at offices.

Excellent Customer Service

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For over 30 years, Palo Alto Headshots has been the go-to choice for headshot photography services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Trusted by doctors, lawyers, students, CEO’s, authors, and more, Palo Alto Headshots is relied upon by over 50 companies for their professional headshot needs.

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