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Photography Background

photographer by a river

During a photoshoot.

Most Experienced Photographer

Hagop has always been a photographer, it is not a career change.

Photography is something he had passion for since he was very young when his father bought him his first camera. In fact, he learned from a professional photographer friend of the family about exposure, lighting, developing film and posing. Eventually, he became the “official photographer” for his high school. In the beginning, he started in photojournalism and gradually developed his portrait skills. Later, he learned retouching on both negatives and prints which he now does digitally. Because he wanted to always improve his skills and knowledge, he continued his education with seminars and professional classes. Due to his experience and knowledge, he is one of the most sought after photographers in the area. 

Professional Photographer

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Meet your photographer.

Natural Looking Portraits

As he matured, Hagop became an award-winning photographer. Hagop has photographed portraits for famous politicians such Condoleezza Rice, Robert Gates, Stephen Hadley among others.

He learned how to pose people, yet at the same time have them look natural. As a result, the contemporary portraits and professional headshots he creates shows client’s personality in a comfortable and relaxed manner. Through the years, he has developed techniques that create an enjoyable environment during his headshot sessions.

He improves his craft by keeping up with photography technology and listening to the needs of his clients.

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Experienced Retoucher

business formal headshot

Before and after of a retouched headshot.

Retouching Done With You Present

Hagop’s retouching skills started with black and white negative retouching in his first studio. Later, he learned how to retouch color negatives and prints.

Eventually, he started digital retouching on version 2.5 of Photoshop in 1994. In addition, he provided support for other photographers to improve their photoshop skills. Subsequently, he has mastered his skills using Photoshop and other photo enhancing software.

As a print and negative retoucher, Hagop was hired by Adobe Systems Inc®. to experiment and test some of Photoshop’s retouching tools. Also he creates digital artwork that he sells.

Different from other photographers, he will personally retouch your headshot with you present so he has your input. Therefore clients are satisfied with their headshots because they are a part of the process. Overall they are amazed at the level of expertise he has in retouching.

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State Of The Art Equipment

canon camera

Professional camera.

Cameras and Software

Hagop uses the latest professional Canon cameras and top quality lenses. As a result, the images are sharp and high quality. His computer is an iMac 27” with retina display to showcase your photos. He periodically calibrates his monitors to give you the best viewing experience. He never use a laptop to show you photos because images are too small. Compared with his large screen it is difficult to view images side by side on a laptop.

His workflow during your headshot session includes the use of four different software programs. One to remotely transfer the photos from the camera to the computer for instant viewing of your headshots. Another to browse and select your favorite headshots. Finally, he uses 2 other software programs to personally retouch as you watch.

Studio Set Up

home studio setup

Our studio setup.

Backgrounds and Lighting

During the consultation we have before your headshot session, we choose a background that works best for you. We offer over 20 different background choices as is evident on our professional headshot Portfolio Page.

We have invested in high quality studio lighting equipment. One way of lighting does not work for everyone. For example, a person with a round face requires a different lighting than a person with a long face.

Hagop has the knowledge and experience to know what is best for each individual. Also we have a mobile studio that we take on-location when we take headshots at offices.

Quality And Reputation

female casual headshot for a startup

We provide team headshot photography for more than 50 companies in Palo Alto and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Excellent Customer Service

Over the 30 plus years photographing in the San Francisco Bay Area, Palo Alto Headshots has provided headshot photography services for doctors, lawyers, students, CEO’s, authors… just about any profession you can think of. The list of companies he has photographed includes Frank, Rimerman + Co. LLP,  Amazon, Oracle, Johnson & Johnson, Stanford University, Microsoft, Varian Medical Systems, Adaptive Insight, Howard Rome Martin & Ridley, Chase Bank, K&L Gates, Absolute Mortgage Banking, Longitude Capital, IMorgon, Oncomdx, Redbird Advanced Learning to name of few. 

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Quality Headshots At A Reasonable Price

We provide headshot photography for more than 50 startups and companies in Palo Alto, The Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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